Apart from research, I engage in various other pursuits during my free time. Some of my miscellaneous activities.

One of the two MSc Representatives for Computer Science. Attend the JCCC meetings, bringing up issues or concerns faced by the cohort.


Research has the potential to change the ways we think and act in political, social and cultural life. But what privileges and responsibilities are linked to working at the forefront of human knowledge? The Thought Leaders Programme as a part of the Oxford Character Project brings postgraduate students together in a diverse learning community to consider the purpose of their research.


Monday Morning is one of the most widely read campus news letters across the country. I was a journalist (Portfolio) and collected news from around the campus, interviewed the authorities about various issues and wrote articles on topics affecting the students.


I love outdoor activities. I am always up to go for a jog or a hike. I have won several medals in badminton, swimming and volleyball competitions at intra-college, inter-school and inter-club levels.


I am an avid debater and love to play with words. I was an active member of Clarion - the literary and debating club of NIT, Rourkela. I have participated in many 3-on-3 Asian Parliamentary Debating competitions organised by CNLU-Patna, KSOL and NUJS.


The Student Counselling Program of NIT, Rourkela is designed to provide academic, emotional and financial support to fresh-man year students. As a coordinator of the program, I oversaw a team of 120 mentors in their senior year, and ensured smooth functioning of the program. I myself mentored and guide 7 mentees in all aspects. I also tutored freshmen year students on C Programming.

Social Service

I believe that it is important to give back to society what society gave us. To achieve that end, I am always eager to help the poor and needy and was a member of the Rotaract Club of NIT, Rourkela.


"Life is short and the world is wide". I also Blog about my travels from time to time. The banner picture above is taken at a cliff diving experience during my internship at Taiwan.